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Addiction to Love

Author: Susan Peabody

Celestial Arts

Berkeley, California

195 Pages

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Greetings Readers,


Susan Peabody titles the book I have reviewed for this Commentary Addiction To Love.


Addiction To Love has well achieved its goal to educate, encourage and enlighten its readers on the many aspects of people addiction.  As I read through this book I learned much more than I thought I had already known about the subject.  One of the goals the author has achieved is to look at much more than Co-Dependency, a term that is much too vague in this commentatorís opinion.

The fact is most people havenít got a clue to what Co-Dependency is let alone the addiction to love.


Addiction To Love suggest much more than how to break it off with someone who is abusive, obsessive, controlling and in need of care taking like many books on the subject.

The problems and obsessions of the addicted person and the damaging behaviors is covered in much detail while keeping it simple enough for anyone who is hurting and searching for information as well as a plan of recovery.

Where as many books on this subject cover the problem only.


Character defects of both the addict and the one whom the focus is on are explained and outlined.  The many forms of this addiction such as guilt, poor self image, nagging and my personal favorite, abnormal jealousy are just a few that will bring the reader through a network of personal reality checks. 


Within these chapters there are always suggested actions the reader can implement to bring him or her to a full and complete healing.  However, maintenance of the addiction is a must if the addict is to recover.


Examples of real life situations are presented.  Healing and recovery philosophy through the 12 Steps as adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous are not only present they are clearly defined.  Practical application and implementation of the Steps are a main focus as Christian ideals are woven within every page.


Many books of this nature have projects the reader can complete as they read through the book.  Addiction To Love compares in this as well.  However, a component that is covered in this book that is lacking within other books on this subject; is the suggested elements that makes up a successful support group.  There is direction in how to implement such a group as the author knows all to well the need for continued fellowship with others who are recovering from this terribly disabling addiction.


Personal Experience, Education, Practical Application, and a Strategic Plan for Recovery earns this BookMark a well deserved 5 Star Rating.


Until The Next BookMark, Healthy Reading!


Monty Dale Meyer

Recovery Times Book Critic and Commentator.



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